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Eaglestones House Clearance LTD Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Vans Do You Use?

We use large (unmarked for your discretion) luton vans, they are the largest vans in their class up to 3.5 tonnes.

Large Furniture Luton Van 3.5  Tonnes

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They measure 14ft in length with a light weight luton box. Hi-cube body 180′ degrees with a huge 22 cubic metre volume, lower chassis for quicker and easy loading. They are able to hold between 1–1.5 tonne of waste and are always maintained to a high standard to ensure that they are able to carry out efficient clearances.

How Does Your Clearance Service Work?

You contact us and we provide you with a quote, we arrange a date and time with you and we turn up at the agreed time on the day arranged. We assess the clearance to ensure it has been accurately described to us. Then we clear the property to your satisfaction with no stress or complications, we will stay until the full property is totally cleared and we don’t ask for any payment until you are completely satisfied with the house clearance. Upon completion of any work carried out, you (the customer) will be provided with a full invoice for your own records.

What Can You Clear?

As for ‘house contents’  we can clear almost everything requested, from bric a bric, clothes, general furniture and junk, we are more than happy to clear garden sheds, garages and any out buildings. We can disconnect and clear all white goods, lift and clear carpets and can also even remove cars, motorbikes, caravans and boats. We will clear just about anything! Just ask us when enquiring. We have many years of experience and have probably encountered most requests in the past and we have never let a customer down yet. However there are certain items that we are unable to dispose of, these items are shown below.

What Can’t You Clear?

We can clear almost anything, however there are a few items which legally we can not dispose of.

These items are shown below:

•Chemicals (Oils, petrol and painting fluids).
•Bricks, rubble, green waste, soil and tiles.
•Asbestos and any other hazardous material.

We do offer free advice as to how to go about the safe removal of these hazardous substances and we can also supply you with containers or bags to help on the day of the clearance. Please ask for these items when enquiring about your house clearance.

What Happens To Any Personal Items Like Paperwork?

We gather anything we think could be important to pass on to you with our paperwork. We advise all of our customers to remove any items they wish to keep, but we will inform customers if we find anything that could be important. If you require us to dispose of any personal items of paperwork we can ensure that they are securely disposed of at a registered data disposal site. We often come across forgotten cash, important paperwork and also jewellery that has been lost in the past, we have built up a lot of trust over the years and these items will always be passed onto our customers.

Am I Able To Email You Photos of The House Clearance?

YES! Any photos that you can send us of a house clearance would be very helpful as this will help us to provide you with a more accurate quote. We can (and have in the past) advise you as to whether a clearance company is cost effective in your instance, based on a few photo’s.

Please send any photos or videos to eaglestoneshouseclearance@gmail.com along with the property details.

Do You Buy Any Items?

No. We are simply a clearance company. We are happy to provide you with free impartial help or advice on what we can. We have many contacts and could maybe provide you with other companies that may be interested in buying any items from you. When an appointment is booked with Eaglestones House Clearance LTD, we do advise all of our customers to remove or keep any items that they see as valuable. We will always put items to one side that we think are valuable for the customer or any items that can be re-used will be donated to charity.

Are You A Registered Waste Carrier?

Yes. We hold a Higher Tier Waste Carriers Licence issued by the Environment Agency.

Our License Registration Number –CBDU363528

Read more about our license HERE…

Do You Recycle Items From A House Clearance?

Yes. We recycle as much as we can! We also donate as much as possible to charity. We do this to reduce our own costs and more importantly to reduce the environmental impact of the house clearance. Where we can’t donate, we use pro recycling centres. Whatever is not re-usable is passed on and will be recycled and reused in another form. Read more about recycling waste HERE…


Where Does It All Go?

We pass any re-usable items to charity, the items that can not be re-used will be forwarded to a pro recycling centre (as above) where they will be re-cycled and re-used in some way. This also stops a lot of items going to landfill which is more environmentally friendly. Any non-perishable foods are collected and then donated to local charities or homeless centres.

What Areas Do You Cover?

We cover all areas throughout the UK, England, Scotland & Wales.

What Days And Time Do You Work?

We work Monday – Saturday , we always arrive at a property at the agreed time and we work until the job is completed, we never leave a property until the job is done to your satisfaction. Generally a 3 bedroom property can be cleared within a day, however we would normally have a average house all cleared by the afternoon, more cluttered or larger properties may require extra days to clear.

Can You Clean The Property Once It Has Been Cleared?

Yes. We provide a general cleaning service, this includes all carpets vacuumed or floors swept, all surfaces cleaned, all internal window frames cleaned, all doors and door frames cleaned, skirting boards cleaned, kitchens cleaned and bathroom suites cleaned. Please ask about our house cleaning services when booking a clearance.

Do I Need To Be Present On The Day Of The Clearance?

No. We are more than happy to collect the keys for the property from an estate agent, solicitors or even a neighbour. Alternatively you can post the keys out to us recorded delivery and we will post or courier them back to you after the job is completed.

Do You Disconnect All Appliances?

Yes. We prefer to disconnect all the appliances ourselves as long as they are a standard fitting. This includes un-plumbing washing machines and disconnecting gas appliances from the gas mains.

Why Should I Choose Eaglestones House Clearance LTD?

We have built up a lot of trust over the years (see our testimonials page) we have not let a customer down yet.

We have gone the extra mile to join the UK House Clearance Association, this means we have had to meet a lot of guidelines and follow a strong code of conduct. The UK House Clearance Association is dedicated to protecting the customers interests and the house clearance industries reputation from the adverse impact of rogue house clearance companies.

We take pride in the way we always put our customers first and this simple approach has meant that all of our customers are very happy with our work.

We advise that when seeking quotes, you should always make sure you choose a company with a full Waste Carriers Licence and full Public Liability insurance. We can provide our customers with waste transfer notes if needed, this will give you a peace of mind knowing that the items we have cleared have been disposed of correctly.

We believe our prices are very fair and we offer an excellent level of service.

Contact Eaglestones House Clearance LTD today for free impartial help or a free no obligation quote

FREEPHONE: 0800 2922388

MOBILE: 07546317827

EMAIL: eaglestoneshouseclearance@gmail.com

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