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Cluttered or Verminous House Clearance

Eaglestones House House Clearance LTD specialise in the clearance of bereaved homes and overly cluttered & verminous properties. We cover all areas in the UK including Wales.

We clear everything requested from a cluttered or verminous house these items include:

  • Rat droppings.
  • Decaying food.
  • Verminous junk/rubbish.
  • Animal or human faeces.
  • Decaying animal carcasses.
  • All furniture & usual house contents.
  • Removal & disposal of decayed/verminous carpets.

We have built up a lot of experience and trust over the years dealing with these situations. We know that for you (our customers) this can seem like a never ending, stressful task. That’s why we do what we do. Our aim is to help you (our customers) get through difficult times like the house clearance process.

Our staff have dealt with all types of cluttered & verminous house clearance and we always work with dignity in mind. We understand all situations and will always work until you (our customers) are completely satisfied. You can read some of our genuine house clearance testimonials HERE…

We understand that some people find it really hard to throw away old clutter and eventually it all builds up. Without realising you could end up having 10, 20 or even 30 years of belongings that have built up over this period.

A cluttered or verminous house clearance generally takes a longer time for us to clear out, simply because of the amount of belongings and work involved. However we find these types of clearance really rewarding and in the past have helped some of our customers in more ways than just clearing out their house, we have helped them get over a period in their lives that they have been struggling with. This is the reason why we do what we do.

What Is It?

Verminous House Clearance

We consider a property to be classed as verminous when it contains material such as animal or human faeces, clinical waste, needles/syringes and drug related waste or paraphernalia, decaying food, stagnant water, urine and/or blood soaked soft furniture and beds. In general, rotting waste!


*Please Note* As most verminous properties present a serious danger to health, we recommend that this type of clearance should only be carried out by a professional company such as ourselves.

Cluttered House Clearance

A cluttered house can be defined as a collection of many things lying around in an untidy mass. Also known as jumble, litter, mess or materials to be recycled, etc. Clutter usually relates to a disorder or reflecting to ones emotional state. With exception to creative clutter, in the most ordinary of circumstances, clutter most often implies a subconscious emotional blockage, or attachment to something or someone.

How Does It Work?

The fist step is for you to get in touch and explain your situation.
You can call us free: 0800 2922388 or Mobile: 07546317827, or you can email us.

If you are able to, please send any photos of the property in its current state to: eaglestoneshouseclearance@gmail.com.
This will assist us greatly in ensuring that you are quoted accurately. We can include our cleaning service into the quote at this point, if requested.

•We are more than happy to quote via email or telephone.
•We fully explain what we legally can and can’t remove.
•We never charge extra for items like fridges, mattresses and TV’s.

Our experience allows us to assess the property and ensure that the clearance is completed in the most professional way possible.

All our staff are trained and experienced for all situations so please do not feel the need to hold back. We might need to arrange an appointment to view the property however most of the time we can take in information over the phone and provide you with a quote without the need to view the property.

As explained if possible we would appreciate if you are able to send us photos of the clearance by email: eaglestoneshouseclearance@gmail.com this enables us to analyse the situation better and provide you with a more accurate quote.

Once you have contacted us, we will take in all the information you have given us and work out what we think would be the best way to deal with your situation.

We will then explain how our services work and provide you with a quote for us to carry out the cluttered or verminous house clearance, our quotes include all costs, there is no hidden or extra charges.

Once the quote is accepted we will arrange a date and a preferred time, and we guarantee to turn up on that date and time. We have never let a customer down in the past and always work towards customer satisfaction.

Our fully uniformed, trained staff will then carry out the cluttered or verminous house clearance, we will stay until the full property has been cleared completely and we do not ask for any payment until the work is completed. All our customers will be provided with a full invoice for their own records, the invoice will hold all our company details.

What Size Vans Do You Use?

We use large (unmarked for your discretion) luton vans, they are the largest vans in their class. They measure 14ft in length with a light weight luton box. Hi-cube body 180′ degrees with a huge 22 cubic metre volume, lower chassis for quicker and easy loading.

I Would Like The Possessions Disposed Of Discreetly?

Our staff always work with respect and dignity in mind. We can assure you that your items will be cleared and disposed of discretely. We use large, white unmarked luton vans when carrying out a house clearance for your own discretion, our vans hold no sign writing and inside the back of our vans are not visible. Our teams always handle personal possessions with care.

How Do I Check That A Company Holds A Waste Carriers License?

You can check online on the environment agency website HERE to check a waste carrier, their full details will be provided. If you require more information on how to go about getting a house clearance you can call Eaglestones House Clearance LTD free on:0800 2922388 and we will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

Choosing A House Clearance Company

You can of course call us, Eaglestones House Clearance LTD . We will be more than happy to carry out your cluttered or verminous house clearance or even just to offer you free impartial advice on what would be the best way to deal with your situation. However if you decide not to use Eaglestones House Clearance LTD , we advise you to please choose a reputable company and most importantly check that they are fully licensed to carry all waste.

We have had many happy customers in the past and have a lot of experience in the house clearance industry, our work is always completed to a high standard and all items are cleared and disposed of professionally. There is a lot of house clearance companies out there, some offering a good professional service and some not so good. In the past we have carried out a lot of work after other (rogue) companies and can only advise you that if the service/price seems to good to be true then in this case it usually is.

We can also offer a general cleaning service once the clearance is complete if needed. The clean will include all vacuuming of floors, cleaning of all surfaces and woodwork (door/window frames etc…), inside of all cupboards and inside windows.

*PLEASE NOTE*We do not offer a external window cleaning service or oven cleaning.

Below is some examples of cluttered & verminous properties to give you an idea of the work involved.

Contact Eaglestones House Clearance LTD today for free impartial help or a free no obligation quote

FREEPHONE: 0800 2922388

MOBILE: 07546317827

EMAIL: eaglestoneshouseclearance@gmail.com

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