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Here at Eaglestones House Clearance LTD we offer a professional, reliable house clearance service in all areas within Ayrshire Stair Irvine Ballantrae Ardrossan Dailly Straiton Largs Beith Troon Ayr Kilmarnock…

We understand how hard it can be clearing out the possessions from the home of a deceased relative friend or neighbour. We are here to help take away the stress and pain of having to do this on your own.

tickProfessional and reliable service
tick90% of all house contents recycled
tickWe donate items to various charities
tickRegistered with the environment agency
tickLicensed & insured to carry out all house clearances

We have most likely dealt with all house clearance situations possible so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us help with your situation. We have had many happy customers over the years and always work towards customer satisfaction.

Please take a moment to read our house clearance FAQ’s HERE…

You can also read some of our genuine house clearance testimonials HERE…

Our staff will clear everything requested in a house clearance from furniture, bric a brac, carpets, fixtures & fittings, fridges, cookers, cutlery and can even clear the food from the cupboards and pride ourselves on being professional & reliable. Read more about or house clearance service HERE…

Our house clearances are done in a very sympathetic manner. We can collect keys from yourself or a friend, neighbour or probate administrator, whatever is needed and do not require anyone to be present whilst we clear the property. We always put items to one side from a house clearance that may be of use so that we can forward them onto local charities i.e clothing & bric-a-brac.

We will of course RECYCLE where we can, as we do with all our services. We have a great team of staff who are very experienced and our house clearance service is always available at short notice so please do not hesitate to contact us if your needs are urgent.

We always use pro recycling centres and always do a good job…


*Please Note* We will always arrive at a property at the agreed time and we work until the job is completed, we never leave a property until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Did You Know?

  • As part of our service we also provide a cleaning service for an additional fee if needed, this can help if the property is going up for sale or rent once cleared.
  • Out of all the house contents we clear, we donate most of it to charity, anything that can not be donated will be forwarded to a recycling centre where it is then recycled to be re-used in the future. Therefore everything we clear will be re-used.
  • All of our staff have a lot of experience clearing out houses of all sizes, we are always fully uniformed, trained and on hand to deliver fast and efficient house clearance.
  • We hold a Higher Tier Waste Carriers License that is issued by the Environment Agency.
  • You can also search for us online on the Environment Agency website HERE using the details provided below.

Registered Carrier Name: Eaglestones House Clearance LTD
Our License Registration Number: CBDU363528

What Size Vans Do You Use?

We use large (unmarked for your discretion) luton vans, they are the largest vans in their class. They measure 14ft in length with a light weight luton box. Hi-cube body 180′ degrees with a huge 22 cubic metre volume, lower chassis for quicker and easy loading.


We understand that a lot of our customers have never dealt with house clearance before and may need to travel a long way to deal with it, with that in mind we have gathered some useful information for you (our customers) that we think will help you whilst dealing with a house clearance process.

Below is some links to useful contacts around the Stair area followed by useful information.

Local Solicitors

Local Hotels

Local Cleaners

Local Property Management

Local Painter & Decorators

Local Plumbers

Local Pest & Vermin Control

Verminous House Clearance?

We consider a property to be classed as verminous when it contains material such as animal or human faeces, clinical waste, needles/syringes and drug related waste or paraphernalia, decaying food, stagnant water, urine and/or blood soaked soft furniture and beds. In general, rotting waste!

*Please Note* As most verminous properties present a serious danger to health, we recommend that this type of clearance should only be carried out by a professional company such as ourselves.

Cluttered House Clearance?

A cluttered house can be defined as a collection of many things lying around in an untidy mass. Also known as jumble, litter, mess or materials to be recycled, etc. Clutter usually relates to a disorder or reflecting to ones emotional state. With exception to creative clutter, in the most ordinary of circumstances, clutter most often implies a subconscious emotional blockage, or attachment to something or someone.

Whether you have inherited some property, following bereavement or simply just want to de-clutter, Eaglestones House Clearance LTD is waiting to help you through the process. Our respectful and reliable staff will always work hard to complete your house clearance to the highest standard possible with a minimum of disturbance to yourselves and any anyone else involved. Let us take the strain and make organising a house clearance simple, straight forward and easy for you.

House Clearance Stair Area Guide
Stair is a village in Ayrshire, Scotland. It lies at the bottom of a glen beside the River Ayr at the north-west border of the 5,376 acre Parish of Stair where the River Ayr is joined by the Glenstang Burn.
The village is known for its connection with the Dalrymples, Earls of Stair.

Useful Contacts…

House Clearance Stair Local Solicitors

Tel: 01292 265045
12 Beresford Terrace, Ayr, KA7 2EG

J & A Boyd
Tel: 01292 265073
27 Newmarket St, Ayr, KA7 1LL

Tel: 01292 262266
16 Miller Rd, Ayr, KA7 2AY

The McKinstry Company
Tel: 01292 281711
Queens Court House, 39 Sandgate, Ayr, KA7 1BE

Digby Brown
Tel: 0333 200 5925
24 Sandgate, Ayr, KA7 1BW

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House Clearance Stair Local Hotels

Premier Inn
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 0871 527 9416
Wheatpark Place, AYR, KA8 9RT

Hotels & Inns
Tel: 0871 984 6321
Highfield Drive, Ayr, KA8 9SH

Adamton Country House Hotel
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 0871 221 0251
Baird Road, PRESTWICK, KA9 2SQ

Prestwick Guest House
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 0845 4566399
12 Monkton Road, Prestwick, KA9 1AR

Western House Hotel at Ayr Racecourse
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 01292 294990
Ayr Racecourse, 2, Craigie Rd, Ayr, KA8 0JE

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House Clearance Stair Local Cleaners

FaD Cleaning
Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01290 553096
36 Station Road, Mauchline, KA5 5ES

Top Mops
Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01292 260079
11 Mainholm Holdings, Ayr, KA6 5HD

Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01290 436272
31 Jean Armour Drive, Mauchline, KA5 6DE

Ayrshire Freeflow
Drains & Pipe Cleaning
Mobile: 07973 545333
18 Alexander Terrace, Mauchline, KA5 6AS

Clearwash Window Cleaningl
Window Cleaners
Tel: 01292 880622
32 Mainholm Court, Ayr, KA8 0RN

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Property Management House Clearance Stair

Complete Property Management
Letting Agents
Tel: 01292 670539
2 Briarhill Rd, Prestwick, KA9 1HY

Property Management
Tel: 01292 442193
49a, Castlehill Rd, Ayr, KA7 2JB

Homesure Property Management
Letting Agents
Tel: 01292 268501
57-59, Kyle St, Ayr, KA7 1RS

Lomond Property
Estate Agents
Tel: 01292 280855
26 Parkhouse St, Ayr, KA7 2HH

Property Management
Tel: 01292 289289
12, Parkhouse St, South Ayrshire, Ayr, KA7 2HH

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House Clearance Stair Local Painters & Decorators

Robert McFarlane Painter and Decorator
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01292 571179
7 Burgoyne Drive, Coylton, Ayr, KA6 6PB

Scott Green Painter & Decorator
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01292 571274
20 Douglas Rd, Coylton, Ayr, KA6 6JJ

John Cunningham Decorators
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01292 571018
18 Dalrymple View, Coylton, Ayr, KA6 6QN

David Morris
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01292 590346
7 Trabboch Avenue, Drongan, Ayr, KA6 7DR

A R Meikle
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01290 700301
20 Highfield Place, Ochiltree, Cumnock, KA18 2AT

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House Clearance Stair Local Plumbers

W Graham
Tel: 01290 700584
19 Main St, Ochiltree, Cumnock, KA18 2PA

H.G Milton & Son
Tel: 01290 551287
51 Hamilton Avenue, Mauchline, KA5 6BT

TI Services
Tel: 07738 905956
16 Lochlea Avenue, Mauchline, KA5 6BW

A.J.H Plumbing & Heating
Tel: 07738 527800
11 Mossgiel Avenue, Mauchline, KA5 6BD

BRK Plumbing & Heating Services
Tel: 01292 431252
19 Thornyflat Road, Ayr, KA8 0NA

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House Clearance Stair Local Pest & Vermin Control

Mitie Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 0845 0171069
within Belmont Academy, Belmont Rd, Ayr, KA7 2PE

Kenny Taylor Molecatcher
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 01563 830997
Ladyland Cottage, Kerrix Rd, Monkton, Prestwick, KA9 2QU

Environmental Health Solutions Ltd
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 01292 430335
Flat 4, 6, Fullarton Street, Ayr, KA7 1UB

Stephen’s Falconry & Pest Control Services
Tel: 07971 625141
8 Deveron Rd, Bellfield, Kilmarnock, KA1 3PA

Rentokil Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 0800 389 4168
Olympic Business Park, Drybridge Rd, Dundonald, Kilmarnock, KA2 9BE

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We have the facilities to take payments by credit/debit cardcash, cheque or direct bank transfer. Once the clearance is complete, each customer is given a invoice which holds all of our company details.

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