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Here at Eaglestones House Clearance LTD we offer a professional, reliable house clearance service in all areas of North Lanarkshire Motherwell Wishaw Shotts Harthill Airdrie Bellshill Coatbridge Cumbernauld Chryston Kilsyth.

We understand how hard it can be clearing out the possessions from the home of a deceased relative friend or neighbour. We are here to help take away the stress and pain of having to do this on your own.

tickProfessional and reliable service
tick90% of all house contents recycled
tickWe donate items to various charities
tickRegistered with the environment agency
tickLicensed & insured to carry out all house clearances

We have most likely dealt with all house clearance situations possible so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us help with your situation. We have had many happy customers over the years and always work towards customer satisfaction.

Please take a moment to read our house clearance FAQ’s HERE…

You can also read some of our genuine house clearance testimonials HERE…

Our staff will clear everything requested in a house clearance from furniture, bric a brac, carpets, fixtures & fittings, fridges, cookers, cutlery and can even clear the food from the cupboards and pride ourselves on being professional & reliable. Read more about or house clearance service HERE…

Our house clearances are done in a very sympathetic manner. We can collect keys from yourself or a friend, neighbour or probate administrator, whatever is needed and do not require anyone to be present whilst we clear the property. We always put items to one side from a house clearance that may be of use so that we can forward them onto local charities i.e clothing & bric-a-brac.

We will of course RECYCLE where we can, as we do with all our services. We have a great team of staff who are very experienced and our house clearance service is always available at short notice so please do not hesitate to contact us if your needs are urgent.

We always use pro recycling centres and always do a good job…


*Please Note* We will always arrive at a property at the agreed time and we work until the job is completed, we never leave a property until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

What Size Vans Do You Use?

We use large (unmarked for your discretion) luton vans, they are the largest vans in their class. They measure 14ft in length with a light weight luton box. Hi-cube body 180′ degrees with a huge 22 cubic metre volume, lower chassis for quicker and easy loading.

We understand that a lot of our customers have never dealt with house clearance before and may need to travel a long way to deal with it, with that in mind we have gathered some useful information for you (our customers) that we think will help you whilst dealing with a house clearance process.

Below is some links to useful contacts that are located in the North Lanarkshire area followed by useful information.

Local Solicitors

Local Hotels

Local Cleaners

Local Property Management

Local Painter & Decorators

Local Plumbers

Local Pest & Vermin Control

Verminous House Clearance?

We consider a property to be classed as verminous when it contains material such as animal or human faeces, clinical waste, needles/syringes and drug related waste or paraphernalia, decaying food, stagnant water, urine and/or blood soaked soft furniture and beds. In general, rotting waste!

*Please Note* As most verminous properties present a serious danger to health, we recommend that this type of clearance should only be carried out by a professional company such as ourselves.

Cluttered House Clearance?

A cluttered house can be defined as a collection of many things lying around in an untidy mass. Also known as jumble, litter, mess or materials to be recycled, etc. Clutter usually relates to a disorder or reflecting to ones emotional state. With exception to creative clutter, in the most ordinary of circumstances, clutter most often implies a subconscious emotional blockage, or attachment to something or someone.

Whether you have inherited some property, following bereavement or simply just want to de-clutter, Eaglestones House Clearance LTD is waiting to help you through the process. Our respectful and reliable staff will always work hard to complete your house clearance to the highest standard possible with a minimum of disturbance to yourselves and any anyone else involved. Let us take the strain and make organising a house clearance simple, straight forward and easy for you.

House Clearance North Lanarkshire Area Guide
North Lanarkshire is one of 32 council areas of Scotland. It borders onto the northeast of the City of Glasgow and contains much of Glasgow’s suburbs and commuter towns and villages. It also borders East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Stirling, South Lanarkshire and West Lothian. The council covers parts of the traditional counties of Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire.


Area coordinates
55°49′44″N 3°55′19″W

Useful Contacts…

House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Solicitors

Bonnar Accident Law Ltd
Tel: 0800 163 978
B 83 Fleming Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, ML6 6DE

Barton & Hendry
Tel: 01236 801715
C Fleming House, 2 Tryst Road, Glasgow, G67 1JW

Hamilton Ross 15+
Tel: 01236 801930
D 18 Anderson St, Airdrie, ML6 0AA

Tel: 01698 538140
F 14 Hamilton Rd, Motherwell, ML1 1BB

Tel: 01698 536874
B 10A Anderson Street, Airdrie, ML6 0AA

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House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Hotels

Dakota Eurocentral 15+
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 01698 835444
A 1-3, Parklands Avenue, Motherwell, ML1 4WQ

Hotels & Inns
Tel: 01324 840233
B Castlecary Rd, Glasgow, G68 0HD

Alona Hotel
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 0845 0805104
C Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell, ML1 3RT

Garfield House Hotel Best Western
Hotels & Inns
Tel:: 0141 611 9257
D Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow, G33 6HW

The Old Mill Hotel
Hotels & Inns
Tel: 01698 261418
E Mill Rd, Motherwell, ML1 1HD

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House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Cleaners

Swift Cleaning Services
Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01236 604748
Tel: 07905 980069
A 83 Greenside St, Coatbridge, ML5 2AX

Angels Cleaning Services (Scotland) Ltd
Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01698 358094
B 52 Stewarton St, Wishaw, ML2 8AN

Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 01236 425087
C 27 Townhead Rd, Coatbridge, ML5 2HD

G.O Professional Domestic Cleaners
Domestic Cleaning
Tel: 07944 412680
H 2 Apollo Path, Motherwell, ML1 4SW

Absolutely Clean
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Tel: 0800 4584901
D 40 Penzance Way, Glasgow, G69 0PD

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Property Management House Clearance North Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Letting & Property Management
Letting Agents
Tel: 01698 266233
A Suite 1.12 Dalziel Building, 7, Scott St, Motherwell, ML1 1PN

Supreme Lettings
Property Management
Tel: 01236 702060
B Atrium Business Centre, North Caldeen Road, Coatbridge, ML5 4EF

H F Property Management Services Ltd
Property Development
Tel: 01698 503600
C Phoenix House, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, ML4 3NJ

Sweeney Property Management
Letting Agents
Tel: 01236 731272
D 2a, Napier Place, Wardpark North, Glasgow, G68 0LL

Consultiam Property Ltd
Property Management
Tel: 01236 782507
E 2c, Napier Place, Wardpark North, Glasgow, G68 0LL

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House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Painters & Decorators

John McCourt Painters & Decorators
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01698 371996
C 31 Beltonfoot Way, Wishaw, ML2 0GA

David Docherty Painter & Decorator
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 07949 788747
D 9 Springhill Place, Coatbridge, ML5 5QA

JC Decorator
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 07704 838340
E 24 Holm Gardens, Bellshill, ML4 2PA

Gary Maxwell
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01236 612848
F 11 Chestnut Court, Glasgow, G67 3NX

Ardent Decorating Ltd
Painters & Decorators
Tel: 01236 801813
Mob: 07855 775693
G 24 Brambling Rd, Coatbridge, ML5 4U

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House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Plumbers

D.A Mcleod (Plumbers) Ltd
Central Heating Services
Tel: 01698 539016
G 7 Hunter St, Bellshill, ML4 1RN

I Mochrie & Son (Plumbers) Ltd
Tel: 01236 730436
H 142 Whitelees Rd, Glasgow, G67 3NP

Brian Purden Plumbers
Tel: 07950 288819
I Flat 17, Doonside Tower, Motherwell, ML1 2BH

T. Addison Plumbers Ltd
Tel: 07721 580298
J 32 Locksley Crescent, Glasgow, G67 4EL

Central Plumbing & Bathrooms Ltd
Tel: 01236 801725
K 33 Torbrex Road, Glasgow, G67 2JU

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House Clearance North Lanarkshire Local Pest & Vermin Control

Allpest Services
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 0141 432 0433
B 65 Barberry Crescent, Glasgow, G68 9GH

EWCAM Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 07732 351848
C 62 Beechwood Gardens, Bellshill, ML4 2PG

Mitie Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 0845 0171069
D Unit 5, Block E, North Caldeen Road, Coatbridge, ML5 4EF

Strathclyde Pest Services
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 0141 779 3345
23 Whiteford Rd, Glasgow, G33 6GA

Terminate Pest Control
Pest & Vermin Control Services
Tel: 01236 731231
12 Glen Luss Gardens, Glasgow, G68 0DJ

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